How to Create A Routine and Schedule For Your Puppy

As much as we love to spoil our pets, puppies thrive better on their routine. When puppies have a routine, it can prevent them from becoming stressed, over exhausted and even too hyper. Sudden changes in stimulation can worsen the pup’s behavior and prevent them from training well. That is why a daily routine will ensure that your pup gets the proper amount of rest, exercise, and food he needs to grow healthy and strong.


While free feeding works for cats, this is strongly not recommended for pups and dogs. Overeating can lead to a series of health problems and quickly increase in weight gain. Your puppy might even struggle with bloat, which can be painful and fatal for your pup. Try keeping a regular feeding schedule for a daily set time.

How your pup eats also matters. If you feed your dog in the morning, sit with him and bond with him during meal time. The size of your pup should also indicate the appropriate measurements of how often and how much you should feed them. Be sure to also provide enough water at all times.


Puppies will need to go to the bathroom far more than adults. Just as babies they are unable to control their bladder. That is where proper training and care comes in. Puppies need to learn the methods of housebreaking. While some pups quickly pick up the methods, others like to challenge their owners for a while longer.

You can start bringing your puppy out on a regular basis throughout the day. The younger they are, the more often it should be. This will give them the training and habit of using the potty outside. During the time of an accident, you should immediately take your pup outside to connect the relation between going outside to pee.

The benefit of scheduling your potty breaks will also help you notice if something is wrong, including bladder tumors, infections, or even kidney failure.


Creating a proper grooming schedule will require simply brushing throughout the week. When your pup ends up getting dirty or smelly, you will have to give them a bath time once a month. Bathing your puppy often will cause them stress and even dry out their skin. Make your daily grooming sessions a part of your bonding experience.


Another activity you should add into your pup’s schedule is playtime. This might sound obvious, but many owners often get too much to play with their dogs. It is important to take your dog out for a walk and play with them to build socialization skills. Having little socialization will deeply affect your pup as it will make some neurotic as well as build anxiety and aggression.

Follow this guideline to help you better prepare your pup for a long, healthy life. It will help ward off loneliness and build a strong mental and physical well-being for your pup.