Welcome to Marithyme Goldens!

Our breeding kennel is run straight out of our lovely home as we keep our environment clean and tidy. We have set up our facility to give our golden pups the space and quality of living they deserve to grow and be healthy. We provide quality grooming, food, and necessities for our goldens.

Our facility offers a complete grooming, eating room, and a laundry space for the dogs. We provide only top-quality dog food that comes highly recommended by dog experts and our clients. We also provide the appropriate vitamins and supplements to help our dogs ensure the sustainable health and a great immune system as we encourage our clients to continue the care and maintenance to keep their goldens happy and health.

We ensure to provide the best quality of care to our puppies as we socialize them daily to introduce them to being handled and played with properly. We will also help choose the puppy for you based on your household, lifestyle, and daily activities as all these factors play a role in the decision.

All our golden pups are given a one-year health guarantee against any defects that include genetic heart, hips, and eyes. We also offer additional care if our puppies continue to follow the quality schedule and maintenance that we have started on our Golden Retrievers.