4 Golden Retriever Facts You Have Probably Never Heard About

Are you looking to adopt a Golden Retriever or already some a few at home? Whatever your reasons may be, we believe that the Golden Retriever is the most loyal and smartest breeds you could possibly choose.

Here are four Golden Retriever facts you have probably never heard about.

The Golden Retriever Breed is Over 200 Years Old

The breed is known to be date back as far as the 1800s. In fact, it was common to see this breed with pioneers traveling along the Oregon trail. The Golden breed is said to contain genetic DNA from Water Spaniels, Bloodhounds, Irish Setters, St. John’s Water Dogs, other lines of Retrievers.

Golden Retrievers Get Along With Mammals of All Kinds

While dogs are man’s best friend, the Golden Retriever is also able to become best friends with other animals as well. Goldens have been proven to pair well with animals in several farms, zoos, and sanctuaries. Retrievers have the ability to play with animals like horses, cheetahs, goats, elephants, and wolves. Retrievers are able to handle the presence of other animals without any fear due to their calm manner.

Goldens Have A Guinness Record of the Loudest Bark

This lovable, calm breed is also known for its loud, firm signal. In fact, one golden in Australia had a ground-breaking bark at 113 decibels. Despite the characteristically loud bark, a trained Golden isn’t regularly loud on a daily basis. This breed is receptive to training and usually barks out of fear and anxiety.

Goldens Have an Honorary Degree in Mental Health Counseling

One Golden Retriever named Kirsch holds an honorary degree in Mental Health Counseling award at johns Hopkins University. While it due to his owner who was officially taking classes, the university also wanted to recognize his service in guiding his owner to and from class. The university also gave him his own hat and gown where he was awarded on stage to accept his degree.


Golden Retrievers have a gift of loyalty and friendships, which makes them a unique wonderful dog. This breed is incredibly special as you can enjoy your days with your dog for years to come.

Infographic by: www.akc.org