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We ensure to provide the best quality of care to our puppies as we socialize them daily to introduce them to being handled and played with properly

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Want to find out more information on the Golden retriever breed? Keep a look out for more information on our latest updates on our resources.

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We also offer additional care if our puppies continue to follow the quality schedule and maintenance that we have started on our Golden Retrievers


Welcome to Marithyme Goldens!

We take pride in ourselves as we provide a selective, top-quality breeding program. For over 25 years, we have been breeding top quality golden retrievers. All of the dogs we provide in our program come from only the highest pedigrees with champion lines.

At Marithyme Goldens, we breed only dogs that have shown sweet temperaments and charming looks that set the standards high for the golden retriever breed. All dogs have passed their test for health, including hips, hearts, and eyes.

Since the start of our breeding program, we have always made breeding golden retrievers as a hobby that we enjoy. We have found love in with every step of the way as to finding these wonderful dogs great homes. We also enjoy participating in dog shows as a chance to show off our champion dogs. What was once a simple hobby that we enjoy, soon became a breeding business that we love.

From the start, we have looked at all the common problems in the Golden retriever breed and have sought out ways to prevent them. We have closely monitored the families who choose our pups and listen to their questions and concerns as our mission is to be there for every issue that may come.

At Marithyme Goldens, we strongly adore the golden breed as they are known for their versatility and intelligence. They are truly the epitome of what makes a great pet for their friendly behavior and eager to please shines. We are proud to state that a large number of our Golden Retrievers have grown to become honorable therapy and service dogs to those who need them the most. We believe that dogs are the ultimate medicine for humans in many cases.

Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and more information about our lovable Golden Retrievers.